Parking Management Systems

Our parking management solution PARKON by AKIS Technologies which might be synchronized with various modes of vehicle or user authentication among which are authentication by a vehicle number plate with cameras, by mobile number, by ticket, by RFID card, or by radio waves that are controlled remotely.

1) Guidance

The route of the vehicle in the parking lot is given by the pointers, reporting the number of empty parking places. Indicators of parking spaces inform the driver about the status of each parking space and make it easy to find free. The system leads the vehicle by the shortest route up to the nearest free place. As a result, reduces the route and amount of exhaust gases in the parking lot.


  • Clear and simple management
  • Allocating more space for parking area
  • Easy integration with firefighters
  • Fast and complete statistics
2) Parking Payments

Our parking system is easily integratable with payment terminals designed by other manufacturers. The system also uses various authentication methods among which is State Tr. Pr. Number, mobile number, according to the ticket. You are able to set the rate based on several factors, i.e. the time the vehicle has been parked, the date, or the area in which the vehicle has been parked or many others.


  • Coins
  • Bank notes
  • POS integration
3) Management

The system is managed through a Web browser and a dedicated Web page. Using it you can configure, administer and monitor the PARCON system. The system automatically collects statistical data which includes the date and time, type of the action made by a vehicle (entry, exit, or unauthorized access), the vehicle and its registration number, owner of the vehicle’s name. You can then analyze the data by producing instant charts, etc. It is also possible to import and export it, as well as system settings.


  • WEB interface
  • Statistics
  • Management of parking places