Turnstile Gates

Focus Integrated Systems (FIS) offers an extensive range of turnstiles and gates offer security and modern design of the physical access control system. our products are beyond expectations for over many years of experience characterizing in the applications with high traffic of a pedestrian with various degrees of a risk. Our installation of the products in the applications across UAE includes Bank and Financial Sectors, Office Buildings, Commercial buildings, Sports Facilities, Swimming Pools, Wellness and Fitness Centers, Airports and Public Transport Stations.

The modern turnstile provides an ideal solution to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons into the premises of the channel during the Tailgating state, highly ensures a reliable and long-time operation. Equipped by the new technology Magnetic Direct Drive (MDD motor), the turnstile receives silent and smooth operation, slightly integrated with sensors, power supply units and the set of lights, which presents an alternative and perfect solution to the various demands.

  • Swing Speed Gates
  • Sliding Speed Gates
  • Tripod Turnstiles
  • Full Height Turnstiles
  • Half Height Turnstile