Time & Attendance System

Biometric attendance system has brought a more precise method to measure group or individual’s activities and attendance as well. Biometric attendance system is a reliable technology to ensure the accuracy of attendance and is useful to the ones who deal with a large number of employees. Biometric systems typically utilize either face recognition verification or finger scanning in order to identify the employee and reduce the occurrence of payroll errors. Finger scanning is extremely efficient and accurate.

Our web based Biometric Time Attendance System allow for a high level of flexibility. Employees can "punch" in and out from a time clock, web browser, or even a mobile phone. These systems are extremely simple to set up and use. Improve your payroll system with one of these advanced time clock systems. Tracking Time and Attendance is a crucial aspect of running an organized and successful business.

Benefits of Biometric attendance system.

  • Use unique biological traits.
  • Prevent buddy punching practices
  • Improve productivity
  • Eliminate time theft
  • Accurate option
  • Easy and safe to use