Access Control Systems

Access control is a security technique designed to control unauthorized access or operations. Access control systems perform identification, authentication and authorization of users and entities by evaluating required login credentials. We provides a highly flexible, scalable access control system designed to facilitate the most demanding requirements for any size enterprise from a standalone single door to a system which is capable of managing anything from hundreds to tens of thousands of users. This can be networked to up to 2,000 doors across different buildings in different continents.

The open format design enables the systems to operate with different types of technologies including proximity, contactless smart card and biometric. If a building has varying security levels the most appropriate reader can be installed e.g. a very high security area may require a biometric reader as compared to a door into a meeting room which may simply require a proximity reader. Systems can be cabled using a simple RS485 network or can be connected to a LAN with the latest controllers having a built in web servers to assist in remote set up and administration. Applications include access control, door control and monitoring, time & attendance and elevator control. The system will alsointerface with the building’s existing intruder, fire and CCTV systems as required.

The following access control systems are available:

  • Standalone/ PC based access control system
  • Convenient entry keypads (code access)
  • Time and attendance system
  • Intercom communication (audible verification with remote door release)
  • Biometric solutions (voice/facial recognition and fingerprint verification)
  • Proximity readers
  • IP based audio video door entry system