PABX & IP Phone Systems

Business telephone system is integral to business growth and success .PABX is an automatic telephone switching system within a private enterprise. We offer bespoke systems to suit your needs, whether it's a simple set up for your company and home workers that you need, or a VoIP linked product for a full network of branches. We have the expertise and experience to provide you with the right equipment and support for a new solution, overcoming any issues you may have had with your previous telephone systems.companies to reduce operating costs and manage mobile assets more efficiently. It enables to optimize vehicle utilization, reduce overtime costs, manages field personnel better with electronic timekeeping and by documenting actual routes and trips. It further adds to savings by eliminating field personnel downtime and employee fraud.

These are some of the leading manufacturers we work with:


High-end voice and data applications with easy to use tools enabling smaller businesses to function just like larger enterprises


Complete communication systems for small to medium sized companies for the last two decades


Flexible and reliable solutions with IP telephony without having to completely replace any existing telephone system


HiPath telephone system to businesses requiring an easy-to-use communications platform


Delivers excellent voice features at affordable prices from a global leader in telecommunications


Advanced technology on a limited budget with powerful small business solutions.