Queuing System  
Our advanced queue management solutions and services come with high quality and functionality at reasonable prices. Our software supports a number of sophisticated queuing algorithms. Prompt supply terms help strict planning and execution of scheduled projects and our competitive pricing sets us apart. We offer a wide range of queue solutions specifically designed to cater to different organizational needs.

An unlimited number of queues and operations | Up to 200 operators per system | Support of a wide selection of service selection terminals (sensor and button types) | Display of information on high-resolution panels and displays (LCD and plasma) | Various management tools: software and physical control panels | Detailed statistical data about the operation of the system and reporting

Banks and depositories State and municipal services | Insurance companies | Embassies and consulates | Visa and passport services | Healthcare establishments | Service and trade companies | Telecommunication | Other government departments |
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ISO-9001 accredited organization
ISO-9001 accredited organization  
As an ISO-9001 accredited organization we are deeply committed to zero-defect performance and total customer satisfaction. Our impressive list includes long term clients who rely on the company's competence and commitment in meeting their day-to-day requirements promptly and professionally.