Our parking management solutionPARK-FINDER was developed to meet modern standards of efficiency, ecology and provide convenient service to consumers. Approaches used in the PARK-FINDER, provide maximum benefit to the operator of parking at the lowest operating costs. The route of the vehicle in the parking lot is given by the pointers, reporting the number of empty parking places. Indicators of parking spaces inform the driver about the status of each parking space and make it easy to find free. The system leads the vehicle by the shortest route up to the nearest free place. As a result, reduces the route and amount of exhaust gases in the parking lot.

Advantages for the operator of parking
Clear and simple management and control | Less time required for system monitoring | Allocating more space for parking area | Fast and complete statistics for the period in a wide time scale | Passengers and cargo trucks are not considered by system | Less road maneuvering -> Cleaner floors and air -> Less maintenance costs | Self-test systems and equipment | Easy integration with firefighters and other sensors | More facilities for users | Confident response to criticism about the pollution of the environment

Benefits for drivers
Permanent direction along the shortest route to the nearest available parking place, which is guaranteed to be free | Ensures trouble-free parking | Well-read signs and signals | No need to discover the hidden free places | 100-percent accuracy in real time as opposed to other systems | Conserve expensive minutes | Less stress and emotional tension | Conserve fuel and tires | No damage (cars and drivers) because of sloppy maneuver | Much less risk of damage to cars - a guarantee of calm drivers | High level of service and convenience
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ISO-9001 accredited organization
ISO-9001 accredited organization  
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